The Linchpin of Growth

Kasuria Group, LLC

In Silicon Valley, raising capital is a badge of honor and a mark of success. It’s the West Coast equivalent of a performance bonus on Wall Street

And while it’s inspiring to see founders acquiring the resources to achieve their business dreams, the fundraising culture is also superficial in many ways. It’s seen as an end in itself instead of a means to end.

Furthermore, the funding environment is shifting, and many founders are oblivious as to how this affects their business.

I believe that both of these shortcomings are because founders are unable to take a step back and see the big picture on fundraising and the growth of their businesses.

Simply put, venture capitalists invest in startups in the present to lay claim to the company’s earnings in the future. Founders take startup money because they have a business that they believe will be more profitable at scale…

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Monday poem…

Synthesis, Revision, and Creating Art

Every Day



This VizCasa tea cup is pretty neat to look at. The hour glass shape inside the double
wall creates an optical illusion. The double wall creates a thermal effect and it will never
condense on the outside. It will also not get hot on the outside of the glass. This is the
perfect cup for me in the morning with my orange juice. The 6 ounces is the perfect size.
This cup is top shelf dishwasher safe, freezer and microwave safe also. I highly recommend this 6 ounce cup.

Thank you for allowing me to review your product at a discounted price for my unbiased review. I have received no further compensation for my positive rating.

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First Fairing of the Hull

The Building of Northern Cross, a Skiff America Design and other Cool Stuff

I’m confident it’ll take about 3 fairing to bring things flush.  This is fairing #1.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’re 2 pronounced edges to the glass taping.  One more prominent than the other.  Both of these edges need to be removed.  This is easily accomplished by using a card scraper.  


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All edges have been scraped and all glass tape has been hand sanded.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Using a squeegee, I applied my fairing compound to all the taped areas.



Things need to get uglier before they can get prettier.  Tomorrow I’ll sand all these edges and apply another filler coat.  I think 2-3 coat should get me where I want to be.  I’m taking my time here, I want a nice fair hull before I lay down the xynole.

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over the river and through the woods

stories from two unsuccessful nomads

Highways, freeways, alley ways, border crossings, cattle guards, asphalt, cement, sidewalks, crosswalks, train tracks. Grassland, farm land, mountain passes, one way streets (the wrong way), gravel, loose dirt, packed dirt, sand. Stream beds, tree roots, cobblestone, horse shit. Construction zones, private property, herringbone brick, decaying brick. Metal sheets, siding, road kill, single track, storm drains and glass chards. Our tires have rolled through just about every surface imaginable to get us to our first 1,000 miles of bike travel. It wasn’t easy or able to fit into the confines of our expectations. It was beautiful, adventure filled, lonely, lovely, terrifying, baking, freezing and everything in between. But we did it…with a little help from our fiets.

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…But How Do I Know What to Choose?

Sinder's Bridal House Blog

Roses, tulips, peonies, lilies, sunflowers…when it comes to choosing wedding flowers the options are endless and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

I spoke with the lovely Joyce of Petals and Paint Floral Design here in Carleton Place to get the information that you need to know in order to make the floral selections for your special day.

  • Choose the Right Florist

Before you order your flowers you want to ensure that you are working with a reliable and professional florist. Joyce warns couples about “basement budding florists.” While these individuals may have good design skills, they likely haven’t received the proper training on the care and handling of flowers, and they may not purchase their flowers from a reliable distributor, which can result in flowers of a much lower standard than those from floral shops.

Do your homework before choosing a florist; check out their websites and Facebook pages, read reviews…

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Waltons Amazing Allotment Blogs

Clairesallotment's Blog

I’m chuffed beyond belief to find out that I’ve been included in Waltons Amazing Allotment blogs. There are 19 that they’ve picked and Claire’s Allotment is one of them. Thank you Camilla for including my little ramblings in your article.

So many other gardening bloggers are there as well. Check them all out.

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Endless Erring

Gorse, or Onn. My Ogham few from Druid Camp. Gorse, or Onn. My Ogham few from Druid Camp.

At Druid Camp, everyone at the opening ritual was given a gift of an Ogham few, cut from the wood of one of the Ogham trees and inscribed with its corresponding symbol.

My wife received oak, and I was instantly jealous. I mean, come on…we’re Druids, who wouldn’t want to get oak, right? I, on the other hand, got gorse. A small, prickly, shrubby little thing that clings on to cliffsides at the coast. Hmm…not exactly the proud, tall tree of the forest I was hoping for.

But, it turns out that it kind of suits me, and that gorse has its own lessons to teach.

Gorse (Ulex europaeus), also known as “furze”, is an evergreen shrub related to broom, and adapted to dry conditions. It is extremely thorny, the thorns being modified leaves and shoots. It has…

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