20 Questions

01. Earliest memory? A blurred pre-school collage of cuddling my mother, playing games and our house in Essex
02. Most admire? Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an amazing name for an amazing engineer.
03. Greatest regret? Not being able to tell my father what a great, positive influence he has had on my life.
04. What makes you cry? Death and kidney stones.
05. Favourite place? At home in a warm bed.
06. What would you change about yourself? I would like to have perfect pitch.
07. How do you want to be remembered? As someone who did more than just come along for the ride.
08. What is your worst habit? Not listening.
09. What was your first computer? A ZX80 then a Jupiter Ace, but I did previously use an ICL 1100 at college during the early 1970s.
10. When were you happiest? Falling in love with my second wife.
11. Do you believe in life after death? Ask me later.
12. What book are you reading? Sky Dancer by Witi Ihimaera.
13. What do you hate in others? Lying and conniving.
14. Which subjects did you study at college? Engineering.
15. What do you always carry with you? Memories.
16. How do you relax? In our lounge looking at the garden.
17. Which six people would you invite for dinner? Victoria Wood for her wit, Paul Robeson for his commitment to freedom, Dawn French for her looks, Nelson Mandela for his forgiveness, Amanda Ghost for her voice and Dustin Hoffman for his character.
18. Is money important? Not very, but you need sufficient to be warm, sheltered and fed.
19. Which is your favourite holiday destination? New Zealand.
20. What will you epitaph be? One lifetime is not enough.


3 comments so far

  1. CZ on

    Do you mind if I steal these questions?

    • shallowthinking on

      Not at all, go ahead.

      • CZ on

        Sweet – thanks

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