Memories Of Melting Moments

Among my mother’s wide range of cooking skills was a biscuit called the melting moment. Made from porridge oats they have a soft, flaky texture that truly melted in the mouth. As a child I could have eaten a whole batch at one sitting, particularly when taken still warm from the baking tray.

Home baking, be it cakes or biscuits, was a common occurrence in most households in the 1950s and early 1960s. Teatime comprised a selection of sandwiches, a few items of salad, a tin of salmon or corned beef and something freshly baked. Having been a cook in the WRAC, my mother was particularly skilled and meals were big and wholesome.

The recipe, which I think originally came from a box of Scotts Porridge Oats, was lost many years ago, and although she tried to recreate my childhood favourite on several occasions they never quite came close. I have also searched many recipe books and found dozens of versions, I have never found one to match the luxuriant treat of my youth.


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