Fudge For Everyone, Even Those Who Don’t Like It

irelandeuOver the years Ireland has done very well out of the EU, all around the country there are many public works projects that proudly display the fact their existence owes some part to EU funding. Therefore the EU protagonists were somewhat taken aback when the Irish decided to vote against the new EU Treaty.

Well, as all good politicians do in these instances they have come up with a compromise that protects the things Ireland did not like in the hope the Irish will now give the Treaty a yes vote. The question one should now ask is if these protections from the centralist approach are good for Ireland why not give them to everyone?

The answer is simple, get the Irish onboard then slowly erode the protections in ways the Irish people have no way of preventing. The will of the people will be overcome in the end. Of course we in the UK never had the opportunity to express our views even though it was an election manifesto promise. After all why ask the public to vote on something when you know you’ll not get the answer you want. Simpler to say the Treaty is not the same as the one mentioned in the manifesto. I hope the Irish see through the mist that will envelop them and vote no.


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