Yes, On Behalf Of All EU Members

Ireland EUWell the Eurocrats got their way at the second try and the scale of the victory makes one wonder why it took two goes to get there. Just what happened to persuade so many Irish people to change their minds? Perhaps it was the concessions on abortion laws and drink drive limits, perhaps it was the concerns over the nations debts and the help provided by the EU.

Or perhaps it was the way the normal rules on balanced political advertising and reporting were abandoned, or the way some very vocal business leaders pushed the yes vote as the only way forward for their companies and thus the employment of thousands.

Whatever the reason for the change we now have the spectacle of the Eurocrats turning their sights onto the two remaining countries that need to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. One wonders what concessions and bribes will be elicited from the EU for those very valuable signatures. It makes a mockery of the whole process that part of our constitutional future can be bought for a few tallents of hypothetical gold.


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