Anti Junk Brigade Turn To Comedy

the simpsonsAdvertising is probably the next most creative discipline next to the arts. Not only do you need to understand the human psyche you need to be able to create something interesting, informative and enticing that has a relatively short lifespan. In the 1970s, Britain led the advertising world with the work of Saatchi & Saatchi and WPP Group constantly breaking new ground.

Being such a creative industry one wonders how the government was persuaded to use the character of Homer Simpson to promote healthy eating. We all understand he is a caricature of multiple bad habits wrapped up in an iconic couch potato. Quite why we would be persuaded to change our habits just because Homer joins the lentil and yoghurt brigade is beyond me.

How can it be value for money to pay the necessary royalties to use the Simpson’s image before even spending money devising the content of the healthy eating campaign and producing the adverts. No doubt we will all have a good laugh at the antics of the yellow folk from Springfield as they turn away from fat and sugar but I doubt it will change anyone’s eating habits.


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