Love Lentils And Save The World

lentilsLord Stern, Chair of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics, better known as The Climate Chief has called for everyone to turn vegetarian to halt climate change. He is concerned that the belching of cows and farting of pigs is a huge contributor to the world’s output of greenhouses gasses.

As a Lord I assume he has been around a bit and he has also visited plenty of restaurants, I wonder then how he squares his views with what you get offered in most restaurants across Europe, the US, New Zealand and Australia. Its meat and no veg, except for chips and the obligatory garnish of green salad. Unless you eat in a vegetarian restaurant, vegetables are rarer than good customer service in the UK.

I have no evidence to dispute his claims about the gaseous discharges from farm animals but his request must be one of the most futile of the whole climate change agenda. There is absolutely no way the world will voluntarily turn into lentil lovers even if we are encouraged by the application of all the potentially redundant cattle prods to our nether regions.


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