I Spy Something Beginning With…

councilsnoopingA few days ago local authorities were told they can no longer use legislation aimed at protecting the country from terrorists and major criminals to persecute individuals for offences such as over filling their wheelie bin. Its a long over due move that should rid the country of the over zealous bureaucrats who have been acting as a private police force and issuing penalties way out of proportion to the minor errors the public has made.

Poole Borough Council put Jenny Paton under surveillance for over three weeks because they thought she was lying on a school application. I’m sure they could have found out she was not being dishonest with much less effort, cost and intrusion into her private life. Its these sorts of activities and inefficiencies that make our councils so expensive and give them the idea they are our masters and not our servants.

There is no denying that most of the services they provide are essential but our councils have been getting into all sorts of activities and some that come close to being social engineering. Their intrusions into everyday life have become excessive and unnecessary, the stories of their stupidity fill the daily papers with depressing regularity. Its time they were told to rein back and stick to the essentials thereby reducing their costs, something everyone would appreciate.


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