I Love the Smell of New Upholstery


Today is my new car day, the day you look at the dashboard to see the mileage has yet to reach double figures.  The day you sit in the driver’s seat and push every button,  twiddle every knob and waggle every lever. The day you open the driver’s handbook then close it shortly after, never to open it again.

The day you keep glancing  out of the lounge window to admire the showroom shine that will soon fade. The day you resolve to take extra care of the vehicle,  not to race the engine, not to hit the kerb, not to scuff the paintwork and most importantly to keep the inside clean, tidy and free of litter.

I’m very lucky to be able to afford a new car even though it’s an infrequent event. My first car, bought secondhand in the 1970s rusted away before my eyes and I vowed never to suffer the same fate again.



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