Going to Pot

tmp_6411-slider-cannabis-320x1761436818601The legalisation of drugs such as cannabis is getting closer. America, which has fought a very hard and long war against drug use has seen a reversal of attitudes in some states.   A year after Colorado made the sale of marijuana legal it had collected almost twice as much in taxes as it collected from alcohol taxes. Four other states have also legalised the sale of marijuana and eleven more are considering a similar move.

The pressure to change will need to increase many fold before it happens here, but it seems more inevitable as each year passes. I was a soft drug user in the 1960s and early 70s, they were easy to get and a big element in my social circuit. The same drugs today are much more potent and when I think of the effects they had on heavy users in the 1960s I’m unsure if making them legal is something we should consider.


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