Brewdogs Open Source Revolution is the Vanguard of Postcapitalism



Which paradigm (specific to digital media) is the company using to build their business model?

The paradigm used here is that of Free flow of information through online sources such as the DIY Back Catalogue BrewDog has published, including 215 ways to make different kinds of beer.

Is the company ‘disrupting’ the beer industry? If yes, how exactly?

It is rather ‘changing’ the beer industry through catching up with the computer operating-system world, letting go of secreted information hidden from its consumers and shifting things to a newer perspective which is the experience. There is more emphasis on the experience rather than the brand. Much like concerts and festivals, people will pay much more solely for ‘being in the moment’ and listening to the music.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the copyright for product development and use?


Advantages are that the effect takes place immediately, that something…

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