Silver Surfers

tmp_24700-PINE-A64-Mini-PC-320x210-804007429Since the age of 17 computers have been a part of my life. At college in the late 1960s we had an ICL main frame fed with punch cards. My first job included programming a GNK Unimate robotic arm to part automate the die casting process. In the early 1980s I set up a network of ICL DRS computers to provide an IT system for a hospital engineering department.

At the same time personal computers were becoming affordable and I bought a ZX80 kit, then a Jupiter Ace and on to a whole series of desk top PCs, a TRS 80 portable, PDAs and heavyweight laptops.  Now I have a laptop,  smartphone and a tablet, but these lack the intimacy one got with the very early computers so there is also a Raspberry Pi on my desk connected to a breadboard which allows you to create and programme little circuits using quite basic components and simple scripts.

At present I’m waiting on the delivery of a Pine 64. It’s a cheap,  small computer which has been developed with the support of crowd funding.  It will continue to feed my interest long into my dotage.


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