Almost thou persuadest me to become a bigot.

One Step Back

I feel like it’s time to take a stand against something that is happening much too often around the web these days. Yes, I know that bigotry is nothing new, especially when it comes to the internet, but the most recent trend in internet bashing has caught me off guard by the way it is being presented.

Whether they deserve it or not, racism has become a talking point during this election. No, I’m not talking about blacks vs. whites. I’m talking about Americans vs. Muslims, Mexicans, and “others” in general. I think it’s a little perverse, to be honest.

I have seen articles from well-meaning Christians and conservatives touting how we are perfectly justified in such decisions as closing the borders to all Muslims. I have read articles about how we need to be “realistic” when it comes to our policy about other religions and races because the “fact…

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