When God Gets in the Kitchen… A Tribute to Mother Angelica

Life Victorious


Sometimes, life hands us a basket of ingredients that don’t seem to match up to any sensible recipe…

Sometimes, our life is like an episode of “Chopped” (Food Network)….

On the series “Chopped,” each chef is given a basket of random ingredients, and they compete to impress the judges with what they can craft from the different foods.  And when I say random, I mean they are given a basket of, say, jelly beans, shrimp, potato chips, canned beans, and black licorice, and they have to figure out what to cook with all that.  Their expressions when they open the baskets, as the clock starts ticking, are priceless…. They usually range from confused looks, to disgusted looks, to laughter.

And wouldn’t you know it, by the end, the chefs end up actually creating something gourmet from the crazy ingredients…

That’s how I view my life.

I feel like when I…

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