Rice, Chicken, & Vegetables in one Pot!


Good morning blog world!  A few weeks ago I was watching a cooking show (okay 90% of the time that is what’s on my tv) and they made a vegetable rice dish that looked amazing and easy.  I looked up the recipe and decided to give it a whirl, except I thought it needed a little extra so of course I adapted it and made it my own! I added chicken and bacon, because who doesn’t love bacon? Oh and a few other ingredients to spice it up. Pretty tasty and easy, except for having to wait for the rice to cook.

1 Gather up the ingredients, rice (I used brown), bell peppers, garlic, onions, chicken stock, bacon, diced tomatoes; canned, black eyed peas, canned; worcestershire sauce, chicken, spicy dried chorizo, rosemary, thyme, and mushrooms.  Diced the onions, peppers, garlic, bacon, chicken, and chorizo then set aside in separate bowls.

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