B is for Blatant

Citizen 268

Blatant: done openly and unashamed. Sound like anyone we all know and love to hate? I give you three guesses, he behaves like Trump, as all the charm and finesse of a Cattle Egret picking ticks off a cow’s ass, and a mustache like Hitler.  You get me now? You guess who it is? Yeah, he self.

The one who, since getting into power has completed his business complex, acquired a number of properties, who has done deal after deal with obvious conflicts of interest. I can understand if we all side-eye and drink likkle tea like Kermit, over a few million made by legitimate-ish business dealings with his personal entities, and even with the kids. The family who pillages together, stays together after all.


But when the man using the police as his own mafia-esqu hit squad, threatening officials, slapping on taxes leff, right and centa, writing off debts…

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