Laughter is the best medicine

Alyssa Veneklase

I recently attended a laugh circle at Gilda’s Club where I was reminded about the fantastic health benefits of laughter.

A good, hard laugh can actually do the same things to the body as a mild workout – muscles contract, your heart rate increases, more oxygen is pumped throughout your blood stream, and it actually burns a few calories.

Laughter can increase blood flow, boost your energy, increase immunity, lower blood sugar levels, increase relaxation, decrease pain, and help you sleep.

Sure, there’s no way to really know if laughter actually helps with all these or if they’re due to an overall positive attitude. Someone who is in a good mood tends to be more positive, and therefore laughs more. So does the laughter make someone healthy, or are healthy people just more likely to laugh? Either way, laughter isn’t hurting.

In order to receive all these amazing health benefits…

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