London is my dream

While in the Jungle, the first man we met was a refugee from Afghanistan named Attal. He was extremely well-spoken and to my delight, he agreed for me to record our conversation as well as be photographed. This is part of the conversation we had with him (translated from Hindi into English):

“How did you come from Afghanistan?” [He had previously told us that he was from Afghanistan]

“From Afghanistan I went to Iran, from Iran I went to Turkey, form Turkey I went to Bulgaria, from Bulgaria I went to Serbia, from Serbia I went to Croatia, from Croatia I went to Slovakia, from Slovakia I went to Germany, from Germany I came here to France, and from here I will go to ‘Inshallah’ (if God wills) England.”

“How did you travel, by car, by bus..?

“By car, and by foot, I reached here in 13 months.”

“Were you not…

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