The Panama Papers: Re-Ordering Of The New World Order Or Just A Pimple On The Ass Of The Super Rich?

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“Princess on a steeple and all the pretty people
They’re all drinking, thinking that they’ve got it made
Exchanging all precious gifts
But you better take your diamond ring, you better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him he calls you, you can’t refuse
When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal”

Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQsAAAAJDkwNTUzMjU4LWY4NjAtNGYwMS1iNjg0LWQxOThkZDA3ZGQ5MA.jpgAnurag Harsh wrote a great piece on LI a couple days ago on The Panama Papers, which is the largest leak of harmful to the super-rich information in the history of both the world and the new sport of massive information leaks.

Over the coming weeks and months we’re all going to be hearing a lot about this massive (4+ terabyte) document that…

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