Triad Fellowship

We had a wonderful week with Matsusue-sensei, our bonsai master.  Matsusue-sensei’s nursery has a long history, and is also his family home.  It was a privilege to be here and I thank him for inviting us and spending the time teaching us, and also for his family’s hospitality and warmth.

I must admit I had scepticism about bonsai, as it is filled with contradiction.  However, I found that although some of my concerns were understandable, they were shaped with naivety.  As with many things I have found in Japanese culture, there is real depth of meaning, spirituality, feeling, emotion, and reasoning in the traditions i have encountered.  Many parts are inexplicable with words.

I learnt many things which I will try to share.  Bonsai is the expression of natural essence, a phrase which recurs throughout my travels.  It is highly symbolic.  For example, beauty is seen in the mixture of dead and live material…

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