How to show Rubus Cockburnianus who’s boss

Rebecca's Garden

The silver-white bloom coating the vicious, red, thorny stems brighten up the winter garden months and earn these Rubus Cockburnianus their common name of Ghost Bramble. The ornamental colonising shrubs send out new arching stems that will form new plants where ever the shoot tips touch the ground through a process of self tip-layering.

Ghost bramble bed Rubus cockburnianus border

They are tough, fully hardy, deciduous and complimented hugely by clumps of under planted  snowdrops. They are useful and ruggedly beautiful but they will colonise if you don’t take drastic action.

Before pruning the Rubus Rubus before pruning

after pruning the Rubus Rubus after pruning

It’s the young stems which posses the brightest colour and create the best winter feature so come late winter to early spring it is time to put on both your thickest gloves and ruthless face (preferably sporting a pair of goggles) and cut back all stems, yes every single one of those spikey stems to the…

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