the opening of the first factory for the production of “potato chips” run by the children in Egypt



chips company opened his first factory potato with run by the The children in the city of kidzainia, and where children practiced from the age of 4 to 14 years the same Roles and professions adults in practical life such as doctors and officers of the police and journalists, factory workers and other professions, to provide that one of the most successful and richer experiences for children.

 Mohammed Shelbaya, general manager of chips, Food Industries: “The prototype plant chips, in the city of KidZania is a miniaturized version of the big chips, factories, and thus process run inspired by reality, but in a simplified manner, pointing out that all functions within the plant that already exist in Chipsy  factories , which provides a unique experience for children depends on the development of various skills through recreation and handle like the fact that work environments, where children wear dedicated workers factory…

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