The Banyan Tree.


It’s a hot day today, and there’s a power cut.
Sitting on the balcony floor, sweat dribbling down my face and pooling at the base of my throat, I take out my leather bound journal after a long time.

The sky looks beautiful today. Red and orange and shades of pink.
        Or have twilights always been like that?

There was once a banyan tree right in front of my house. Old, and huge. We used to play games there when we were younger.

It’s been some while since it was brought down, although I don’t think that bothered me in a long time now.
But today, it’s absence hit me harder than it’s presence did.

Have I really been so busy making connection with the WiFi network that I forgot to reconnect with my life? With my world, my childhood, with the person I used to be?

The banyan…

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