I am fond of Downderry. I had never heard of it until I found myself toiling and sweating weight off in the fields and polytunnels of this docile and fertile corner during a long summer.

DSC_0365 Mediterranean Villa in South East Cornwall.

Drop into from the Rame side and you will be met with a peculiar strip of a village. The road goes straight through, parrallel to the sea, with most of the houses between the cliff and the beach, to Seaton (basically the same place, the houses of Downderry adjoin Seaton).

You might note Downderry and Seaton are linguistically out of place amongst the Cornish place-name corpus.

I have to admit, my curiosity drives me to tedium at times.

It seems I have given up my Sunday morning trying to figure out the history of Downderry based on etymological clues, poor quality internet research and a patchy knowledge of local…

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