Feeling Rough Today…

An Ex Drunk's View From The Driving Seat

…not because of a return to my previous antics, but due to my copd deciding to fast forward a few years and stay there for some days before returning to its usual cumbersome self.

Its like, only with different symptoms, having the biggest hangover you ever imagined , but knowing , through doing the right things, that it will subside in a few days. And like hangovers , these episodes are fairly frequent. Just when I thought I was getting away with it !

Its during these times especially, although it nags me constantly, that the stop smoking thing rears its ugly head again. Although I have professed to suspecting a government conspiracy regarding smoking, I know that its a nasty , nasty habit, which damages health and is very anti social.

I came across one of its more anti social aspects some years ago. It was in a pub in the city…

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