Graphic Studies

1504245 Yao Yuan

Individual working

Background and inspiration

Our group theme is growth and decline, I am going to do a shadow art focus on environment issue.

Why is environment issue? The reason why is Nowadays, We have to pay attention to environment, As our environment quality decline with social development (building, science and technology, etc.) There are a lot of environment issue appeared.

The thick fog came lots of days in Beijing, and the air quality is worse and worse, And There are many report and news on TV and internet, therefore, I do some researches about thick fog.

I am going to show some researches about environment (smog and garbage)

What is Smog?

Smog is a mixture of air pollutants—nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds—that combine with sunlight to form ozone.

Ozone can be beneficial or harmful, good or bad, depending on its location. Ozone in the stratosphere, high above the Earth, acts…

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