A Life or Death Decision About Toothpaste

The Double Thumb

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Kevin HarperIt was the smell that woke me. A putrid array of filth and decay assaulted my nostrils, so rancid that it was sticky and palpable. In a flash of groggy horror, I realized what was causing such a stench.

I had not brushed my teeth in days.

Pulling my head up from the hard metal table it had been resting on for who knows how long, I ran my tongue across my scuzzy teeth and surveyed my surroundings. I sat in a hard metal chair at a long metal table in a dingy room with no windows. A single steel door on the far side of the room broke up the yellowed walls that enclosed the place. I didn’t even have to touch anything to know that it was damp in here.

My head pounded without remorse. I tried to reach…

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