Can You Be a Feminist and Consume Dairy?

melanie angela

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The official definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”; a feminist is someone who supports this. In simple terms, if you’re a feminist then you believe that women should be treated equally to men and in equality in general.

So you may be wondering, what’s wrong or “un-feminist” about eating dairy? Many amazing feminists who have made incredible changes for women have eaten dairy and meat; take the suffragettes, Maya Angelou, Betty Friedan or Malala Yousafzai for example. Emily Davison and most of the suffragettes were not exactly vegans, yet they massively helped get the vote for women and it’s possible that without them myself and other women would not be able to vote today. Infact, there aren’t actually many well-known vegan/non-dairy eating feminists out there and I’m struggling to see why…

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