Kite Running

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Kite Running itself is an Afghani tradition that first began in China primarily because all the materials to actually make a kite were already there. Afghani tradition dictates that kite fighting has two people per kite, one: Charka Gir is the person who holds the spool that the line is wrapped around. Two: Gudiparan Baz is the person who actually fights the kites, the one who controls it. Typically the Charka Gir is the one who chases down the fallen kites, especially the final kite. Tradition has it that in order to be Sharti or kite-fighting champion, you must cut the string of the final kite as well as retrieve it.

kite fighting

Amir is so desperate to gain Baba’s acceptance that he not only HAS to win the kite-fighting competition, but MUST also return the kite. In a sense it makes sense why he abandoned Hassan to his fate at…

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