Fallen angels

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The Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004 that killed 230,000 people in 14 countries raised many questions for religion and in particular the question – How could a loving god allow such death and suffering?

Religious leaders, philosophers and theologians struggled, and failed, to provide a convincing answer to this most difficult question.

Roman Catholic theologian George Weigel provided one of the most bizarre explanations when he claimed that fallen angels were responsible for the catastrophe.

I wrote the following article in response.


Fallen angels

By Anthony Sheridan

demons fantasy art evil_wallpaperswa.com_6

In my opinion there are just two positive aspects of religion.

Firstly, in times of trouble, like the death of someone close, it can be of great comfort. Secondly, religion can be useful in maintaining stability in society in general. Every other aspect of religious belief is negative.

War, death and destruction, unnecessary guilt, discrimination, stunting of mental creativity, massive waste of…

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