First harvest


The other day I got the wonderful joy of harvesting our first vegetables from our garden.
Butter beans, as yellow as the sun and despite getting a decent handful of them there is still heaps growing on the plants.


We also got a few pods of peas, but they didn’t last long enough for a photo. My partner was amazed at how sweet and tasty they were. But that is what fresh vegetables taste like. No sprays, no fertilizers just water, sunshine and compost and a few little critter friends. Such as the family of lady bugs that have made themselves at home in our beans.

In a week or so we will have green beans, more peas, and possibly carrots. (That reminds me; I need to dig up the potatoes tomorrow).
Hopefully the Italian Broccoli will start to form heads soon, the plants are almost thigh high. The cauliflower…

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