Dyslexia the Disabler?

She knows it is hard for him. She knows he is battling. She knows he is confused. He knows it is hard. He knows he battles. He knows he is confused.  “Things that should come easily take so much longer.” He and she both know. They both know because it comes out when they practice together.  They practice and practice and practice.

They practice turning c-a-t into cat. Turning d-o-g into dog. Turning r-e-a-d into read.

The condition is a wide-ranging, genetically based, neurodevelopmental syndrome.  

It has also been termed “word blindness.” 

A morning war. Dawn is plagued by emotions of fear and uncertainty on the child’s behalf. By worry and angst on the mother’s. The war begins when the child is woken. Turmoil unfolds. He does not want to go to school. But before he goes to school, he needs to be fed.

Consider an apple, banana, yoghurt…

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