Mindfulness and the Garden

Purposeful Life


We are hearing about it more and more: MINDFULNESS. Some schools are even teaching ‘mindfulness’ and it’s working. Discipline referrals will drop and the overall climate can improve. Some schools use yoga while others are simply focusing on breathing activities.

Mindfulness to me is becoming more aware and slowing down, two actions that aren’t valued in this culture. We rush, rush, rush, and pack in learning and fun. ‘Work  hard. Play hard’. Yes, and I am also slave to this mindset. How can you not be working in the public school system!? There’s so much pressure to succeed and succeed fast.

It was last week , however, that I took a slight detour and planned a simple outdoor scavenger hunt for my kindergarten weekly guidance class. This Pinterest activity is something I’d do with my own kids during the summer. We find something for each of the 5 senses, something you…

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