Why Vegan? The Protein “Problem”

Two-Thirds Vegan

For many people who think they “could never go vegan”, a common question is about protein. I was confused about this for a long time as well, because we are all taught to think that meat is our best (and sometimes only) source of lean protein, which we need to be healthy. I voiced this protein concern to the nutritionist at our initial visit when the two-thirds vegan plan was presented. She told me that Americans get more than enough protein a day, and that we may be eating too much protein from animal sources. The current recommendations are 56 grams of protein for men and 46 grams of protein for women. Along my plant-based journey, I’ve realized just how much protein plants can provide as well.  Let’s take a look at just one day* in my two-thirds vegan diet and see if this rings true.


  • Oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla…

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