Jack & Jill

The Reluctant Writer


Jack and Jill

Went upto the hill

To fetch a bucket of water,

Up there were several wells

To quench their thirst

But their area was dry and hotter!

They peeped inside,

The well was filled with

Water, cool and sparkling,

They saw their reflections

Looking up at them

Under the ripples, pleading….

“Hey!” Came a thundering shout

“Don’t touch the water

Don’t even stand near the well!

This water is for our lawn

Your touch will disgrace our caste

And we will go to hell!”

Then they chase

Jack and Jill down again

Spilling their bucketful of water

Kicked Jack for daring to come up

And Jill’s hope also came

Tumbling later…

© Sukanta Mohapatra…2016 (picture from net)

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