Native Roots Farm

It’s the time of year when your life becomes a list that grows infinite.

Prepare the field.  Spread compost.  Transplant seedlings.  Water plants.  Again. Again. Again.

The weekend has my biceps growing quickly and my skin turning red.  It’s a mid-April like none other in the farm’s history.  Cold, wet, gloom, snow…for the first half.  Warm, dry, sun, sun, sun…for the second half.

Late March had me fooled thinking that Spring was around the corner.  I order onion plants to arrive on April 1st.  Due to the weather those plants have been chilling in dormancy in the bottom of my garage refrigerator.

This is the week they’ll finally get planted.  If only I looked at my notes before I ordered.  Onions typically get planted around April 20th!  What was I thinking?

My brain is on overload.  I am trying to juggle so many things I find myself slightly insane.  A…

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