8 Forgotten Product Mascots

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A lot of these are from the 1980s. A couple of them even had their own video games. But then, it was the ’80s, what didn’t? In no particular order.

1) The Noid (Domino’s Pizzaimage

Back when the Pizza was still attached because that’s what they mainly sold. The Noid was a weird-ass Claymation thing that tried to steal pizza. Or it may have been a cartoon representation of humanity’s hunger pains. Which would explain their slogan: “Avoid the Noid.” But it’s pizza, so the idea probably wasn’t that deep. And he was a popular bugger – he had his own video game.
2) The 7-Up Spot  image

Is 7-Up still produced? If not, a tutorial – it was the Sierra Mist of its time who’s only rivals were Mellow Yellow and Sprite. The Spot was just a red dot (like on the bottle’s label), but was gussied-up…

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