Taste the Rainbow

A Life Less Bordinary

I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am on social media fairly often and I am seeing these rainbow food crazes. People waiting hours in line to eat chemical-laden rainbow bagels. In fact, the small bakery got so popular that it shut down indefinitely. I don’t consider myself to be a judgemental person, but I judge this rainbow craze. I’m judging it hard. Yesterday, some foodie pages that I highly respect shared the rainbow grilled cheese! RAINBOW.GRILLED.CHEESE. Stop the madness people. Food dye tastes gross. You know it and I know it. Also, what is the BFD? Why are people going crazy? I reeeeeeeeaaaallllly don’t get it. Give me innovative flavor profiles using real ingredients that taste good. Give me whole foods and vegetables. Give me ingredients that I can pronounce. Those are things I can get excited over. I was inspired by the rainbow madness and created…

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