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Reverberating cosmic vibrations, ethereal manifestations of an undivided whole, and man’s eternal quest for self delusionary satiation comprise the meaning of human existence, it has been said. Yet simpler is the truth. It now is an amalgam of three elements – the turret, the tern and the tortoise. This is nature in all her finery, depicting to the minutest detail the evolution of today’s man.From the turrets, multi-hued and imposing in their grandeur, speak a thousand voices varied in tone and content – yet one rents the air in a never-ending strain. This rises to a crescendo, only to fade, kept just alive as a solitary reminder of the once overbearing screech of justice. The turret remains, as immobile as ever, etching into every crevice this eternal song of the doomed.

From this turret flits the tern. From whither it came one knows not. Nor does anyone care – it…

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