life questions

A Thought From The Corner

Help from Alice, Joyce, Michelle, and Yashvi.

  • are 3rd and 4th period the actual periods that i’m kinda awake in?
  • is anyone else just as terrified about high school as I am?
  • does anyone else see really influential things in random objects? Examples include, a red apple in a bowl of lemons.
  • do the school days seem longer and longer, but by the end of the week they seem so short?
  • Wait What?
  • are really good forms of entertainment really hard to find these days?
  • does anyone else think they’re slowly going insane?
  • are rolling chairs either more fun, or more annoying when you aren’t the one with the rolling chair?
  • are feet just abnormally cold?
  • is the world slowly getting more and more boring?
  • are huge useful backpacks hard to find?
  • does anyone else have a slight obsession over something one week and another obsession over something else the…

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