Traveling Again


Through Africa, again.  The airport bus has delivered us from the plane and we’ve made it through the terminal and the long lines of yellow fever checks and hand-written visas.  Our gazes now flit back and forth between creaky baggage belts, hoping our luggage will appear on one of them. A six-pack of plastic 2-liter bottles comes crashing down.  I expect to see a fountain of Orange Soda spraying all over the suitcases, but the bottles survive the steep drop intact.  Behind them, more suitcases come crashing.  Why is that luggage belt so steep?  No wonder why only about half the Africans I see traveling use actual suitcases.  They’ve taken the shrink-wrapped luggage concept to new heights, forgoing the suitcase completely and just shrink-wrapping in layers of shiny plastic.  A nice, firm bundle that’s easy to carry and won’t bust apart on a perilously angled baggage claim.  Brilliant!


It’s with…

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