The Improvement of Fan Behaviour


Football’s reputation is on the mend as numbers of banning orders and arrests drop once again.

Recent statistics published by  have shown a shockingly fast decrease of banning orders and arrests of British football fans since the turn of the century.

The sport has really cracked down on discipline,  which has really improved the reputation of the game. However  some say that is has damaged the atmosphere.

Football hooligans and fighting firms are a thing of the past, as now there are only a few gangs compared to the masses that used to roam the streets of Britain every Saturday afternoon.

In the 2001/2002 season, there were 1,608 banning orders and arrests in the Premier League alone. Last season there was a total of 4,054 banning orders and arrest across England and Wales. This counts for 10 different competitions, under three times as many bans and arrests compared to…

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