Whatever is true


Today, rereading for maybe the 10th time, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I caught the exchange between the dwarf, the Lion and the Beaver:

 “The Queen of Narnia, and Empress of the Lone Islands….”  Announces the dwarf

“Queen of Narnia, Indeed!” said Mr Beaver.  “of all the cheek- ”

“peace Beaver” said Aslan. “All names will soon be restored to their proper owners.  In the meantime we will not dispute about them…”

So, in this exchange, I muse by the things that we feel we have to fight about.  The thing about God – here pictured in allegory in the form of Aslan, is that He is really secure about who He is.   He didn’t have to argue the rightful title, because he already knew the truth, actually, in this He WASthe truth .   Just as Jesus stood in who He was – when Pilot…

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