An Unhealthy Process

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I have not posted in a bit, mainly because I have been writing. While I am jealous of writers who are able to get in some writing every day, my daily obligations do not allow for that, so I am a “marathon writer”. Basically, every couple months, I carve out a solid five days from my schedule and do nothing but write.

Unfortunately, this is a rather unhealthy process. In my daily life as a “normal” person, I eat healthy, exercise, rarely drink, don’t smoke. My writer persona on the other hand is the complete opposite.

For starters, I usually check in to a hotel to write. I like the isolation and privacy, which means I eat nothing but room service and vending machine fare. I exchange my ten glasses of water for three glasses of wine. Instead of my usual Fitbit clock in of around 12,000 steps a day…I…

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