Black Skin and White Mask (Book Review)

Another World of Real Life

Frantz Fanon, as an Afro-French psychiatrist and philosopher wrote his understanding about colonialism phenomena. Born as black people in the French colony of Martinique, he grew up under colonial rule and as an adult became a passionate critic of the racism that recognized as a system. Colonial system assumed that colonized people were inferior in everything. Based on these assumptions, it imposed its own culture and values on the colonized people. Aime Cesaire became the most influenced person on his life as a black and then developed when serving French Army in WW II and studied psyciathri.

He argued that colonial racism has psychopathological effects. In other words, it cultivated inferiority and imitating behavior from the colonizer. One of his key points refers to the process of cultural assimilation, a process that occurs when the native culture of a colonized people is replaced by the culture of the colonial power…

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