Small but mighty


Our planet’s climate fluctuations move to the slow, almost imperceptible dance steps of tilts in our axis and wobbles in our precession around the star we call the Sun. These movements which cause natural global-scale climate changes are known as the Milankovitch Cycles, and they take a long time in human terms – a brief warm interstadial followed by a big freeze every 100,000 years.

Before the Pleistocene, there were many epochs of warm, and cold, wet and dry. Some were cataclysmic to the animal and plant life of that period, creating mass extinctions and subsequently allowing niche species to replace them. So, before the first rays of icy sunlight shone upon the Pleistocene creatures usually hosted on Twilight Beasts, there were other animals, equally fascinating, which existed in the even stranger world of the Pliocene, which dates between 5.3 to 2.6 million years ago. It was…

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