COLUMN – Why I will be voting to leave the European Union

Thomas Hewitt

I would like to make a confession: I will be voting to leave the EU.

I can hear the voices already asking, “Why? What reasons can you present that justify your decision?”

Well for starters, every week the UK sends £350million to the EU. It’s an outrageous amount of money that could instead be spent in this country.

Just think what that money could buy here in the UK – on schools, on our health service, repairing our roads – if it wasn’t being sent into the black hole that is EU spending.

Uncontrolled immigration has also played a key factor in my decision to vote leave in the upcoming referendum.

Let’s be absolutely clear on this: immigration has done our country a great deal of good. There is no denying the fact that economically and culturally, it has and will continue to benefit us in the future. However, this…

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