Just ideas, or maybe a prologue attempt.

Concise Conclusions

The way before opened up onto a field of mud and rain. In the distance three behemoths dragged a heavy loaded weight through the muck before their main guard, a massive keep of old stone which was mostly fallen and twisted with time. Their load was a steely rusted dredge, a purposeful, moveable heap, where bodies of lost and deadened folks lay with remnants of battles, armour, rusty swords and the like, were dragged to a centre pile that rolled through the mud. Branches and bushels were strewn every which way, as the mammoth creatures giant bodies ached over their labour, each with a chain embedded into their giant shoulders, bodies matted with fur and black blood. Two arms and two legs, standing like giant men with curved backs, their whole mass pushing forward, fingers like tree trunks malformed around giant chain links, the three behemoths continued their silent march…

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