Starting Plants Indoors

Happy Times

This year I’ve had hard decisions to make with regard to what we would grow. I had been growing a bit of everything but finding we weren’t using some of the vegetables we grew, for example, too many leeks, so no leeks this year.  We use all of the tomatoes we grow, fresh, roasted with other vegetables and frozen, turned into pasta sauces and bottled, chutneys, salsas, they all get used even the skins which I dry, grind down and sprinkle on pasta dishes and soups for more flavour. We use the butternut squashes, pumpkins, courgettes, runner beans and French beans. I have decided to grow all of these along with beetroot, lettuces, onions, and some new cucumbers grown in pots on the patio, peppers and chillies. We grow early and main crop potatoes too.

The potatoes were chitted in egg trays from February through to the last week in…

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