No 10 has “no OFFICIAL information” on prime minister meeting ALIENS


But what about “unoffical” information  – well that’s what conspiracy theorists may ask.

A freedom of information website has recorded a person asked No 10 Downing Street for “all documentation relating to the prime minister’s meetings and communication with alien entities not from our planet”.

The request also sought information on documents forwarded to prime minister David Cameron’s office relating to ETs, along with discussions and meetings the government has held in relation to aliens plus any material relating to “any contact whatsoever between this government and entities from elsewhere other than Earth”.

This is the response: “The Prime Minister’s Office does not hold any official information in relation to your requests”.

Depending on your viewpoint, this confirms the truth is really out there…

* This out-of-this-world request was recorded on, a freedom of information website.

Using the site, people can select the public authority they want information from and then write a brief note describing what…

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